How to Find a Great Invisalign Provider

How to Find a Great Invisalign Provider

The fact that Invisalign came to the scene just recently is making it difficult for parents to find a skilled provider of Invisalign treatment. However, many orthodontists are highly experienced and knowledgeable in using this technology, and some even have certifications that show they are an excellent choice for a parent searching for an Invisalign provider. These are some of the tricks and tips to help parents find a highly skilled and qualified Invisalign provider.

Look for an Elite Provider

Elite Invisalign providers aren’t only highly trained but have also gathered a lot of experience and knowledge that gives them an edge over other orthodontists and dentists. It is a common myth that Invisalign can only treat trivial alignment or bite issues. However, orthodontists for whom Invisalign technology is rarely used or have little knowledge about it may not be willing to use this technology to treat mild bite and alignment problems. The chances are that a non-elite orthodontist doesn’t have the skill set necessary for applying Invisalign technology to its maximum potential. You can visit various Invisalign websites to find orthodontists and dentists who can provide these treatments. Invisalign providers are sorted yearly based on the office that can handle the most cases. All it takes for an orthodontist or dentist to offer Invisalign treatment is to undertake a training course, which can take only a single day to complete.

However, that time isn’t enough for a dentist or orthodontist to understand all the available treatment options. Elite Invisalign providers make up 1% of all dental practitioners who offer Invisalign treatment. Practitioners must have completed the course and handled over three hundred teeth and mouth cases during their practice time. Elite Invisalign providers can be an orthodontist or dentist who understands how different Invisalign features and applications can be used at the same time.

Look for an Orthodontist

Though there are millions of qualified dental practitioners who are knowledgeable in teeth treatment, the training that an orthodontist and dentist receives can vary wildly. It is like the difference between visiting an optician and primary caregiver when you have an eye problem. A primary care physician may know a lot about eye problems, but an optician undertook an in-depth training in eye treatment. A dentist may know plenty about mouth hygiene and adjusting the teeth alignment, but an orthodontist is a specialist in these treatments.

Unlike dentists, orthodontists can understand everything it takes to align your teeth and those of a child. In short, orthodontists have the knowledge and skill necessary for making teeth treatment process as comfortable and quick as possible. It’s always wise to work with a specialist who has been trained in a specific area if you want the best care. An orthodontist has everything necessary to assess the situation of a patient and determine whether Invisalign is the right treatment for them or not. In contrast, a primary caregiver may try to force Invisalign on a patient even if it isn’t the correct procedure for their condition.

Work with an Invisalign Teen Provider

Of course, parents will prefer to work with an orthodontist qualified for teenagers’ care when looking for Invisalign treatment for their teenagers. As is with metal braces, Invisalign was meant for adults, but orthodontists can use it for treating teenagers. An orthodontist should attend at least four patients who fall between eleven and nineteen years every quarter of the year to qualify as a provider of Invisalign treatment for teens. That means a dentist or orthodontist should treat at least sixteen teenagers every year and have vast experience and knowledge using both metal and plastic aligners to qualify as a teen Invisalign provider.