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The city of Englewood is located in the beautiful and majestic state of Colorado. It is the fourth most populated city in its county, which sits directly south of the giant metropolis known as Denver. If you are a resident of Englewood or a short term visitor to the city, then you should be aware of one of the main Englewood attraction’s known as Belleview Park. This giant outdoor activity park is home to loads of individual attractions such as a modern aquatics park, a giant petting zoo, a miniature train ride, and a full-size skate park.

Belleview Park Petting Zoo and Farm

The Belleview Park petting zoo and farm is a great place to introduce your children to all sorts of wonderful family-friendly farm animals. Some of the animals available at the park include goats, free-range hens and roosters, chubby pigs, and wooly sheep. While there are no live milking cows within the park, there is a giant fiberglass milking cow mockup that will allow you and your children to sneak in a fantastic and scenic photo shoot. The fiberglass cow even has her own name which is Buttercup.

Parents should note that children are not allowed within the petting zoo or on the farm grounds without an adult that is 18 years or older. To enter the farm in small groups you can simply buy an affordable ticket at the farm’s entry point. Small groups are allowed entry on a first come first serve basis, however, if the farm becomes overly crowded then staff might implement a waiting period for entry. If you are planning to visit the farm as part of a large group of more than 10 individuals then you will need to book a reservation 3 days prior to arriving. While the farm is large and the animals are plentiful, staff are adamant about ensuring that every visitor is allotted equal time to spend interacting with the animals.

Belleview Park Miniature Train Attraction

The Belleview Park miniature train attraction was one of the park’s first features. It has been in operation for over 30 years and charters over 60,000 riders each year, a testament to just how popular it is. The slow-paced and scenic trip around the miniature track is guaranteed to offer your children an exciting adventure as the train journeys around the park’s grounds. All children riding the train must be accompanied by one adult each in order to ensure a safe ride for everyone involved. Tickets for the ride are extremely affordable. It should be noted that the train only operates between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays, so be sure to schedule a visit between those specific calendar dates.

Pirates Cove Water Park at Belleview

The Pirates Cove Water Park at Belleview can offer your family a whole day’s worth of fun. The park is home to waterslides, multiple water spray attractions, a giant water dunk shower, floating rivers, and much more. All you need is a towel, some goggles, and enough energy to get you through the day at this awesome and modern designed water park.

Belleview Skate Park

For older children and teenagers the Belleview skate park is an absolute hit. The extraordinarily designed skate park features ramps, half pipes, grinding bars, and a large assortment of other obstacles and park features. If you’re on a bicycle, skateboard, or wearing a pair of rollerblades, you can rip through the concrete course and perform some of your best tricks and feats. It should be noted that in order to enter the skate park you will need to wear a proper helmet, otherwise, your admittance will be denied. A proper helmet ensures that everyone has an equally safe and fun time at the skate park.