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If you want to see the Devil’s Head distillery, the best way to do it is to take a tour of the facility! You can learn how the gin is made, and you’ll learn more about the ingredients in their recipe. Not only do they make gin, but they also make other distilled spirts, such as flavored vodkas. Here’s what you need to know about taking a tour of the distillery:

Where Is The Distillery Located?

It’s located in Englewood, Colorado, and this is near the city of Denver. In fact, it’s only located 18 minutes away from the city, and there are many attractions in the surrounding area. The specific location of the facility is 3296 S Acoma St. in Englewood.

How Big Of A Distillery Is It?

It’s an artisanal distillery, and this means that they’re dedicated to making small batches of high-quality spirits.

What Are The Hours?

The facility is not open from Sunday through Wednesday, but they are open from 2-11 PM on Saturday, 5PM-10PM on Thursday, and 4PM-11PM on Friday.

When Can You Take A Tour?

Tours are available anytime that the facility is open, and you can get in touch with the distillery to determine the hours on holidays.

Are Samples Available At The Distillery?

Their spirits are served in the distillery’s barroom, and they serve other beverages as well. Here are some examples of their spirits that you can sample:

Oak Barrel Reserve Aquavit

Oak Barrel Reserve Aquavit has been rested after distillation in oak barrels, and this gives it a unique color. The beverage tends to be a rich looking amber tone, and it has a combination of seven herbs in it for flavoring.

The Gin

There are seven different herbs in the gin, and these herbs come from around the world. The herbs are hand crushed, and this helps to ensure that the essential oils are released from them.

The Vodka

The vodka is charcoal filtered, and this helps to improve the flavor. However, it is crafted to retain a certain amount of sweetness, and it is a potato vodka.


The way that the aquavit is produced is quite similar to the gin. However, the caraway in the product plays a stronger role in flavoring it than the juniper, and this results in a significant difference in taste.

What Will You See When You Take The Tour?

You’ll be able to see the entire process of how the spirits are distilled, and this is what that includes:

The Creation Of The Mash

The mash that’s used to create spirits is similar to beer in many ways, and this fermented mixture contains a fairly low alcohol percentage.

The Distillation Process Itself

In order to turn the mash into spirits, a process of evaporation and condensation known as distilling is used, and you’ll be able to see the equipment that’s used for the distillation process.

The Addition Of Flavorings

You’ll be able to see the points in the process where various flavorings are added to the spirits.