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John W. Madden founded the Museum of Outdoor Arts (MOA), a non-profit organization, in 1981. The organization operates 365 days annually. The outdoor sculpture garden is home to fine art, landscape design, in addition to architecture. The facility is a forerunner in positioning site-specific sculpture, particularly in Colorado. As such, MOA has a specialty in creating environments that enhance sculpture and performance art. The art collection is strategically situated in public locations in Denver’s metro area.

Headquartered in Englewood, the Museum of Outdoor Arts is often referred to as a museum without barriers or walls. The environment accommodates commercial office parks, city parks, and conventional sculpture gardens, alongside botanic gardens. Over the years, this facility has employed a broad range of art, landscape, and architecture. It upholds the value of art in life and integrates these elements into accessible public spaces.

Since its founding, MOA has held several indoor exhibits, collaborative performances, and special events. The intention is to exemplifying its devotion to visual arts. This is an essential part of social life. MOA has been participating in the acquisition of unique additions to the indoor and outdoor collections. Sculptures, paintings, earth-based conceptual works, and bronze statues are some examples of what MOA provides. The collection has expanded from 19 acquisitions of original art to more than 150 spread across Greenwood Plaza, Englewood, as well as Denver. Medici lion sculpture is also one of its collections. The Museum of Outdoor Arts owns Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre. Currently, it leases space to Anschutz Entertainment Group.

Exploring the arts

In January and May, the Museum of Outdoor Arts provides an artist residency in the large office space located in the Civic Center. At this season, housing and meals aren’t provided. Artists can utilize free space. They can also access the studio during regular operating hours. The management of the Museum of Outdoor Arts coordinates small events with the help of professional event organizers. Activities range from small workshops to artistic discussions. There can also be exhibition opportunities.

The Time Tube

The public library has fascinating art called the Time Tube. A brilliant scientist built it in 1918. The artwork is a temporal mobile generator that disappeared without a trace. While there’s no physical proof of the existence of this piece of art, mysterious encounters have been made. People have admitted that they have seen the Time Tube appear instantly.

Art Tour

The Museum of Outdoor Arts provides self-paced tours and guided trips intended to show its outdoor collection. Tours are about 40-60 minutes. The first one to arrive shall first be served. The indoor public tour is free. Private indoor tours can be scheduled at the visitor’s convenience.

Sites to visit

  • Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater is located at Greenwood Plaza. The Museum of Outdoor Arts offers seasonal tours to the place upon request. Visitors can view MOA’s living wall.
  • City Center Englewood is located at the Civic Center of Englewood. The tour involves a visit to the indoor gallery space.
  • Marjorie Park is located on the north of Fiddler’s Greens. The trip involves a guided tour to the Madden Museum.

A Look at the Greenwood Plaza

According to the Museum of Outdoor Arts, the arts should be incorporated into everyday life by integrating different contemporary artwork in public and private places. The Greenwood Plaza was developed to be an area that combines landscape design and architecture. MOA owns the facility that enhances its efforts to promote outdoor performing arts. It also owns Samson Park, a primary outdoor exhibition situated next to the Amphitheater. Moreover, the Cabinet of Curiosities and Impossibilities is one of MOA’s exhibits. It helps to showcase the artist’s talents.